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Welcome to Halo Chihuahuas!
Thank you for stopping by, I hope you enjoy your visit!
Please be sure to see my chihuahua puppies for sale, on my available page!

I am a breeder/exhibitor of AKC chihuahuas.  I acquired my first chihuahua over 12 years ago, but
have experience with raising purebred dogs since I was very young.  My mother has over 30 years
experience with chihuahuas.  I learned many things from her, growing up.  My goal here at Halo
Chihuahuas is to produce a puppy with a sound body & temperment, along with being a beautiful
represenative of the AKC standard for the breed.  I breed for the applehead chihuahua, with a
short muzzle.  All of my adult chihuahuas come from champion lines, and I also have champions of
my own.  I breed both long and smooth coats.  I have always had a passion for the more unusual
colors in chihuahuas, such as chocolate & blue, but without compromising quality.  At this time, I
do not have any merle chihuahuas, nor do I have any in my bloodlines, that I am aware of.  My
puppies are raised in my home, and are socialized on a daily basis.  They are given top quality care
from day one, and my puppies come with a health guarantee.  All pet puppies are sold with a
spay/neuter agreement.  Show/breeding rights are available on a limited basis, to approved
individuals.  Please take a look around & if you have any questions, feel free to contact me!

NEWS: I am excited to announce that Halo's Made In The USA (Maddy), has completed her AKC championship title!